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The Kirkuk Op

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Kirkuk Iraq in 2004, and Aziz Hadi, a former strategist in the Hussein regime has a plan to remove the US forces from Iraq. The plan will, at the same time instigate a civil war in Kirkuk, between Arabs, Kurds, Turkomen, Sunni and Shiite. It will be the start of an unending cycle of violence. Tahssen, former Preshmerger Soldier, now a terrorist with Ansar al Islam will be Aziz’s sword. In the middle is an NGO trying to assist with the rebuilding of Iraq, but now acutely aware that there are deadly terrorists in its area of operations. The NGO hires Tom Quillian a former SAS soldier who is now a private security contractor. But to succeed, Tom must overcome inner demons, and failing could threaten the very existence of Iraq. This novel is a work of fiction, but based on experience. It could be true.


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