Threat Management

A blog about managing a criminal's development pathway

What is Criminal Threat Management?

This blog site primarily provides information on how to guide, counter or neutralize a criminal’s or terrorist’s intentions using the model and concepts of Criminal Threat Management. But what is Criminal Threat Management (CTM)? The definition of Criminal Threat Management […]

Professional criminals: a whole new game for security thinking

Professional criminals show the ineffectiveness of static security risk treatments and situational crime prevention options.  On 30 July 2016, Madura McCormack of the Courier-Mail reported that Queensland police were establishing a Task Force with the aim of capturing two criminals […]

Protective Security Planning: not the be all and end all

  Protective security planning is often static in both time and location. This makes it possible for the malicious and adaptive threat actor to overcome the implemented security protocols. On 14 July2016, in Nice France, an attack was carried out on […]