Threat Management

A blog about managing a criminal's development pathway

Bomb threat: why just threaten?

To threaten a potential attack, that is to make the opponent aware of your intentions, can seem to be unproductive. But it can make the opponent take steps or actions that will allow for the development of better attacking manoeuvrers.  […]

The art of walking away

The art of walking away, attack, stand or run like hell, your desired outcome should determine your choice.  Last week some family members and I were shopping in one of our local supermarkets. As we were walking to the checkout, we […]

Disrupt the opponent’s plan: disrupt the opponent

In confrontations, opponents formulate plans to achieve their objectives. If you disrupt the opponent’s plan you will be able to disrupt the opponent.   In most forms of confrontation, your opponents would have developed plans for how to achieve their objectives […]