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Identifying the Active Shooter, as they plan and prepare their attack

A better way to use CCTV

Community engagement as a crime prevention tool for security professionals

Protective security operations: thinking outside the box

Political high jinks serves as good example for security managers.

What is Criminal Threat Management?

Professional criminals: a whole new game for security thinking

Protective Security Planning: not the be al and end all

Bomb threat: why just threaten?

The art of walking away

Disrupt the opponent’s plan: disrupt the opponent

Why the West will not defeat the Islamic State

Understand the process, prevent the attack

The ISIS strategy of removing a child’s education

Why do terrorist’s do it: because it can work

Mount Isa: changing youth culture

Introduction to Threat Management

The lone wolf strategy of terrorism: small outlay, high return

Applying a Threat Assessment to the Risk Management process

Security Challenges in the new millennium

Why does risk management fail?

Al Qaeda’s counter-attack strategy: Egypt as target

A new security paradigm: today’s foe may be today’s friend

Mass communications: its effect on security strategy and tactics

The importance of timing

How al Qaeda wins: the vicious circle

Security Theatre: when theatre becomes reality

What is Risk Management?

The difference between Risk Assessments and Threat Assessments

The Difference between Risk and Threat

Al Qaeda: flying under the radar

Types of offenders: the professional criminal

Types of offenders: the amateur criminal

Types of criminal offenders, their differences and how to defeat them.

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