Do you

Find it difficult to justify expenditure on the unknown?

Have trouble identifying those that intend to harm you or your organisation?

Find it difficult to know how and when the attack will come?

Find it difficult to justify the allocation of resources to unknown security risks?


Anshin Consulting’s products and services will:

Prove cost effective and genuinely effective solutions

Identify the actors that intend to harm you, and when they will strike

Focus your Security Risk Management strategies and resource allocation


How we do it

We use anthropological, intelligence and criminological research methods to identify the communities that intend to harm you

Identify where the actors are along their criminal development pathway

Offer a unique perspective on crime prevention that has been proven internationally

Work with the client to develop, and if necessary implement, client specific crime prevention measures



Our Products include:

Focused Literature reviews

Field research

Consulting and advisory services

Client specific training, research, advisory and protection services


More details of our services are listed below.

Anshin Consulting Pty Limited provides professional security and threat management services. Anshin Consulting specialises in Threat Management, Security Risk Management, Crisis Management and specialised training services. All personnel and associates are authorities in their area of specialisation and expertise. All are dedicated to providing the highest standard of quality service.  

These services include: 

Threat Management

Anshin Consulting specialises in the identification of those persons who wish to cause harm to you or your organisation. By identifying the threat actor, it becomes possible to develop strategies to guide, counter or neutralise that actor prior to a physical attack.

Criminals and terrorists follow an identifiable and often predictable pathway in their intentions and actions to attack an organisation. Those person’s or group’s that are identified early provide opportunities to develop alternative options to guide them away from harmful intentions. Counter narrative strategies and tactics can be put in place to deter growing harmful intent that will deter threat actors and force them to change their intentions and plans. Should identification occur when intent has turned to the attack cycle, tactics can be put in place that will neutralise the threat actor prior to the attack.


Security Risk Management Surveys

Anshin Consulting conducts personal and installation security risk surveys, against criminal and terrorist threat actors. Recommendations are made that take into consideration the clients specific needs and requirements.


 Crisis Management

Anshin Consulting provides advice to clients on crisis management and is able to implement specialised security measures that will assist the client in overcoming security related crises.


Training Services

A variety of specialised security courses are available on an ‘in house’ basis. The courses are conducted by security professionals experienced in both large and small group facilitation and are specifically tailored to suit the client’s needs.


Investigation Services

Anshin Consulting can provide your organisation with a variety of corporate investigation services. These services will assist the organisation in identifying illegal activities being conducted against your organisation.


Threat Intelligence

Anshin Consulting can conduct specific site assessments that can identify the communities that may have intentions to harm your organisation. These assessments are both virtual and field based and can identify who has an intention to harm the organisation, how they may wish to harm it, and often when they intend to harm it. Understanding these factors allows for very specific crime preventative measures to be put in place, that can be targeted at the specific persons that wish to cause the organisation harm. In addition, knowledge of these communities can dramatically refine the development of security risk treatment options.


On-line services

With the growing use of the internet, it is now possible to provide advice, training and consulting services on-line. In consultation with the client, Anshin Consulting can develop specifically designed packages that can include downloadable presentations, YouTube videos, direct one-on-one private Skype coaching and podcasts. Please contact Anshin Consulting to arrange an interview to discuss this further.


Anshin Consulting is able to undertake a variety of special protective and threat management operations, both domestically and internationally. Anshin Consulting has protected some of the most influential business persons and diplomats in the world. With the vast experience that comes from military and policing special operations, you can have peace of mind with Anshin Consulting.


A partial list of some of the organisations the principle has consulted to:

Embassy of Japan (Baghdad)

Research Triangle Institute

Australian National University


Four Seasons Hotels

New South Wales Police Force

Computer Associates

Nippon Oil

JGC Corporation



Brambles Armoured Carriers

Chubb Security Services

Security Specialists Australia

MLC Insurance

AMP Insurance


Company Information

Anshin Consulting Pty Ltd

ABN 64 606 695 809

ACT Master Licence Number: 17502351

NSW Master Licence Number: 000102816


You can contact David at Anshin Consulting through Linkedin, Facebook, joining the CTM newsletter, or email